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This is How You Mobilize: Top Lessons from the Women's March

If you followed the meteoric response to the Women's March on Washington, you can't help but admire this tremendous feat of community organizing, resulting in the largest march in US history. Nonprofits, activists, and leaders of volunteers can learn a lot about how to mobilize communities from how march organizers planned and implemented their event from [...]

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Websites for Better Volunteer Recruitment

If you're like most organizations, your most effective volunteer recruitment method is word-of-mouth referrals. However, that may only tell you half the story. Recommendations from friends, family and volunteer fans may be how people learn about you, but how do they actually decide to join? Recent models of volunteer motivation argue that the decision to volunteer is both [...]

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Volunteer Onboarding [Free Webinar]

Next month we're partnering with Wild Apricot to offer a Free Expert Webinar: Converting Volunteers From Joiners to Stayers on the topic of volunteer onboarding. It’s open to anyone and is free. Also, after the formal webinar presentation, we’re trying something new – we’re going to stay online for a more informal discussion. So, stick around after! [...]

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The New Volunteer Coordinator: The First 90 Days – 22 Big Picture Tips to Rock Your Volunteer Program

How do you, as a volunteer coordinator, connect with volunteers who share the same passion for your cause? And, how do you work in partnership with them to bring about change for the common good? These questions may be simple, but designing a smart volunteer program takes a little savvy. That’s why I wrote this [...]

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