Why Isn’t Your Volunteer Recruitment Strategy Working?

Attracting and retaining the right talent requires that you develop a volunteer recruitment strategy that works.  With a board range of tactics, it can be difficult to determine which you should be using as your primary volunteer recruitment approach.

Tactics are akin to your “To Do” list — they have to be done, but they aren’t necessarily going to help you solve the underlying reason why you don’t have an active and engaged team of volunteers on board.  

A strategy involves higher-level analytical thinking — it requires you to make an objective assessment of what’s going on and develop a response that makes sense in your specific environment.  

Tactics are commonly used.  A defined volunteer recruitment strategy is rare in nonprofits,  but more effective in the long-run.

Ready for some strategy?  Take a moment to review the list below.  Does anything resonate?  If it does, focus most of your recruitment energies on solving the most pressing problem you see.  If you’ve diagnosed accurately and addressed the root problem completely, you’ll get traction.

Self Diagnosis: Why Don’t You Have the Volunteers You Need?

  • You haven’t spread the word past your inner circle.
  • Your message isn’t compelling enough.
  • Your call to action is too vague.
  • There’s not enough background information up front.
  • Your application process isn’t consumer-friendly.
  • You don’t tailor your opportunities to accommodate volunteer needs.
  • Your organizational culture or identity is alienating to outsiders.
  • People are not sure they can trust you.