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Announcing: Our New Nonprofit Podcast!

Announcing: Our New Nonprofit Podcast! Wave goodbye to our Tobi Johnson and Associates blog and say hello to our new nonprofit podcast, Volunteer Nation! After literally years of planning (and procrastination), the my newest is finally ready for primetime. You may have already been listening to my Time + Talent Podcast with Jennifer Bennett [...]

How to Forge Stronger Bonds with Remote & Hybrid Volunteers

How to Forge Stronger Bonds with Remote & Hybrid Volunteers  Hybrid volunteers – or volunteers contribute time to nonprofits both online and in person – can be invaluable assets to a nonprofit.  They can bring special skills and talent to the table that a nonprofit might otherwise not have available or would need to pay a [...]

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Volunteer Engagement Tips That Will Foster Deep Commitment

I often write about how organizations can improve their volunteer programs from the perspective of an experienced nonprofit consultant. Today, I thought I’d write from a different angle and explore my current volunteer experience in order to better understand why it works. And, I’ll suggest some key takeaways for volunteer-led organizations.

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This is How to Create a Successful Volunteer Engagement Strategy

This is How to Create a Successful Volunteer Engagement Strategy I often get asked what a complete nonprofit volunteer engagement strategy looks like. What are the pieces? What's really necessary to get results? How should staffing be structured? How can we pull everything together into a cohesive whole everyone can understand? So, this [...]

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Your Exclusive Checklist for Strategic Volunteer Engagement Planning

Your Exclusive Checklist for Strategic Volunteer Engagement Planning  Many volunteer managers in the VolunteerPro Premium Membership community are struggling with how they can build strategic volunteer engagement that is better than ever before.   After more than a year of unrest in our communities due to COVID-19, social injustice, severe weather, etc., they come to realize [...]

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5 Ideas for Virtual Volunteer Appreciation Events

5 Ideas for Virtual Volunteer Appreciation Events  Who knew that last year when I wrote about how to move your volunteer appreciation event online, we’d still be discussing how to engage volunteers remotely a year later?!   But, here we are, on the heels of another National Volunteer Week and even though with the arrival of vaccines there are hopes [...]

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