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Organizational Support for Your Volunteer Program

If you’ve been involved in volunteer management for any length of time, you’ve inevitably come across people who just don’t get it. They either view volunteers as widgets who can be automatically plugged in to shore up the organizational need du jour, or they think volunteers are too much hassle to be worth it. If the decision makers in your organization feel this way, you’re not likely to get the support you need.

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Volunteer Onboarding: Four Ways to Convert Joiners to Stayers

Much of the job of initiating volunteers is helping newcomers negotiate conflicting emotions – surprise, fear, ambiguity, etc. – as they work to settle into their volunteer jobs comfortably. Unfortunately, too few organizations take a strategic and thoughtful approach to onboarding. As a result, they become a revolving door for dissappointed volunteers seeking a better fit elsewhere and are left wondering why.

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