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How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers

How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers In Part I of this post, I discussed the changing nature of the workplace and how technological advances affect how we can work with remote volunteers.  In today’s world, most volunteers are both virtual and mobile -- even those that work on-site -- because many already access information, [...]

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Resources for Volunteer Coordinators That’ll Gain You Respect

7 Resources for Volunteer Coordinators That'll Gain You Respect We’ve been interviewing volunteer program managers across the country for a new service we are launching in April. It has been so much fun to hear stories about how people get started in the field of volunteer management and the challenge they face in finding quality [...]

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New and Exciting Ideas for Volunteer Rewards and Recognition

Naturally, leaders of volunteers want to express their gratitude for the contributions of their volunteers and want to encourage them to continue their efforts. As I work on a volunteer recognition and retention plan for one of my consulting clients, I’ve taken a step back to reconsider -- What really motivates us? How can that be integrated into how we reward and recognize volunteers?

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How to Generate Investment In Your Volunteer Program

In his recent Ted Talk, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong,” author and fundraiser Dan Pallotta raises some serious questions about our current mindset in the social sector. He argues that a discriminatory belief system about nonprofits stunts our growth and capacity. This also impact how we think about and resource our volunteer programs.

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