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How to Build a Volunteer Program Continuous Improvement Process

How to Build a Volunteer Program Continuous Improvement Process   It’s no secret that volunteer services departments suffer from an often stunning lack of adequate resources, but by practicing volunteer program continuous improvement you can begin to generate the respect and resources necessary for success. Our Volunteer Management Progress Report survey found that about one-third (31%) [...]

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Volunteer Engagement Tips That Will Foster Deep Commitment

I often write about how organizations can improve their volunteer programs from the perspective of an experienced nonprofit consultant. Today, I thought I’d write from a different angle and explore my current volunteer experience in order to better understand why it works. And, I’ll suggest some key takeaways for volunteer-led organizations.

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Leading Volunteers Is Easier When You Adopt These Practical Techniques

As promised in a recent post I’m sharing more thoughts on nonprofit leadership. Today’s post is based on my reading of Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership Into Practice, a Nonprofit Quarterly article. It offers a nice overview of the key ingredients needed to bring about collaborative leadership that in turn results in enhanced nonprofit capacity.

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Develop the Nonprofit Leadership Skills You Need to Lead

Investing in nonprofit leadership development seems like a luxury nowadays, but is it? Does it make sense to invest in proactively developing team leadership skills? Or should we continue to let folks learn through endless trial and error, just like those of us who’ve been around for a while did? Do we have the time? What happens when the large percentage of Boomers who make up the majority of our nonprofit executive ranks are ready to retire? Who will take the reins, and are they ready to succeed?

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How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers

How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers In Part I of this post, I discussed the changing nature of the workplace and how technological advances affect how we can work with remote volunteers.  In today’s world, most volunteers are both virtual and mobile -- even those that work on-site -- because many already access information, [...]

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