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A How to Guide on Leading with Gratitude

A How to Guide on Leading with Gratitude Last week, I was the lucky beneficiary of several expressions of gratitude from clients and friends. Their heartfelt thank you notes and intention of leading with gratitude really helped lift my spirits during an otherwise tough week. Their generosity also got me thinking about the power of gratitude. [...]

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A Nonprofit Research Report You Need to Download Now

A Nonprofit Research Report You Need to Download Now If you work with volunteers or lead an organization the engages them, check out our 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Report survey results.  The report with groundbreaking nonprofit research was just released this week. This “state of the industry” survey includes questions related to volunteer management practices, [...]

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Volunteer Onboarding: 4 Simple Ways to Encourage Commitment

Much of the job of initiating volunteers is helping newcomers negotiate conflicting emotions – surprise, fear, ambiguity, etc. – as they work to settle into their volunteer jobs comfortably. Unfortunately, too few organizations take a strategic and thoughtful approach to onboarding. As a result, they become a revolving door for dissappointed volunteers seeking a better fit elsewhere and are left wondering why.

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How to Recruit Skilled Volunteers in 10 Simple Steps

Skilled volunteering certainly is a hot topic lately, and there are new resources to prove it. Volunteer Match just announced a new feature on their volunteer website, the Listing Wizard, and the professional networking website LinkedIn just added a “Volunteer Experience & Causes” section. Is your program ready to take advantage of the wealth of skills available in your community?

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