August 3, 2023

Episode #69: Why Are Volunteers Important … or Are They?

In this episode, Tobi explore the question that lies at the heart of it all: “Why are volunteers important?” We’ll delve into the crucial role volunteers play in the success and sustainability of nonprofits, how they bring invaluable support and expertise, and why they are essential for fulfilling missions and making a true impact on society.

We also discuss how volunteers can become passionate advocates and raise awareness for a nonprofit’s cause. Volunteers are not only essential for a nonprofit’s sustainability, but they also help fulfill missions and make a tangible impact on society.

Why Are Volunteers Important – Advocates and Ambassadors

Volunteers have the power to become passionate advocates for a nonprofit’s cause, raising awareness and lending credibility to its calls to action. Their direct service and firsthand experiences make their voices more authentic and engage others to get involved. Through their personal experiences, they can raise awareness and share firsthand stories about the impact your nonprofit is making. Their genuine commitment adds credibility to your organization’s calls to action. Moreover, volunteers are considered more authentic in delivering direct service. Their dedication and willingness to serve build trust within your community. They can be the bridge between your organization and the people you aim to help.

Why Are Volunteers Important – Catalysts for Sustainability

Beyond their immediate impact, volunteers often become long-term donors or even join organizations as staff members. They contribute not only their time and expertise but also their financial support. Research shows that volunteers are more likely to give to the organizations where they serve, creating a sustainable cycle of engagement.

Why Are Volunteers Important – Show Highlights

00:22.8 Tobi’s episode introduction

01:17.1 Why are volunteers important

04:04.2 Volunteers play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations

04:54.9 Resource optimization

06:13.5 Expertise and skill sets

07:16.1 Expanded reach

08:27.8 Fresh perspectives

09:29.5 Community engagement and evidence support from communities

10:28.4 Increased program delivery

14:39.9 Diverse network

17:05.0 Advocacy and Awareness

18:53.4 Long term commitment

20:47.4 Positive organizational culture

Why Are Volunteers Important – Quotes from the Episode

“Volunteers can become passionate advocates and raise awareness for a nonprofit’s cause.”

“Volunteers add credibility to calls to action and are considered more authentic in delivering direct service.”

“A robust volunteer program contributes to a positive organizational culture.”

“Volunteers boost morale among staff and foster a sense of pride in being part of a mission-driven organization.”

“Volunteers are essential for a nonprofit’s sustainability and help fulfill missions and make an impact on society.”

“Volunteers provide invaluable support, expertise, and passion to help nonprofits do more with less.”

“Volunteers play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations.”

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