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This is How You Mobilize: Top Lessons from the Women's March

If you followed the meteoric response to the Women's March on Washington, you can't help but admire this tremendous feat of community organizing, resulting in the largest march in US history. Nonprofits, activists, and leaders of volunteers can learn a lot about how to mobilize communities from how march organizers planned and implemented their event from [...]

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Question: Nonprofit Sustainability? Answer: Volunteers!!

In the face of ever-growing community needs and persistent economic strains on nonprofits, volunteerism isn’t just a nice thing. It’s a necessary thing. Volunteerism is a strategic choice to use human resources to build capacity, and recent data shows it works. The Points of Light Service Enterprise Initiative research finds that organizations that leverage volunteers across [...]

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The New Volunteer Coordinator: The First 90 Days – 22 Big Picture Tips to Rock Your Volunteer Program

How do you, as a volunteer coordinator, connect with volunteers who share the same passion for your cause? And, how do you work in partnership with them to bring about change for the common good? These questions may be simple, but designing a smart volunteer program takes a little savvy. That’s why I wrote this [...]

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The Future of Volunteerism is Virtual AND Mobile: Part I

In recent years there has been a fair amount of discussion about virtual volunteers and how to engage them in the work of nonprofits.  However, little has been written about the changing nature of the workplace and how technological advances may directly affect how we lead volunteers and view volunteerism. Consider these fascinating statistics -- [...]

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Are You Delegating or Dumping?

In the harried rush to meet deadlines and respond to email, phone calls, and crises, we often communicate the best we can to our colleague, cross our fingers, and then rush of to the next thing. But is this most effective tactic in the long run? Probably not -- not with our paid staff and certainly not with our volunteers.

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