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How to Forge Stronger Bonds with Remote & Hybrid Volunteers

How to Forge Stronger Bonds with Remote & Hybrid Volunteers  Hybrid volunteers – or volunteers contribute time to nonprofits both online and in person – can be invaluable assets to a nonprofit.  They can bring special skills and talent to the table that a nonprofit might otherwise not have available or would need to pay a [...]

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Volunteer Engagement Tips That Will Foster Deep Commitment

I often write about how organizations can improve their volunteer programs from the perspective of an experienced nonprofit consultant. Today, I thought I’d write from a different angle and explore my current volunteer experience in order to better understand why it works. And, I’ll suggest some key takeaways for volunteer-led organizations.

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Resources for Volunteer Coordinators That’ll Gain You Respect

7 Resources for Volunteer Coordinators That'll Gain You Respect We’ve been interviewing volunteer program managers across the country for a new service we are launching in April. It has been so much fun to hear stories about how people get started in the field of volunteer management and the challenge they face in finding quality [...]

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How to Mobilize Communities: Top Lessons from the Women’s March

How to Mobilize Communities: Top Lessons from the Women's March If you followed the meteoric response to the Women's March on Washington, you can't help but admire this tremendous feat of community organizing, resulting in the largest march in US history. Nonprofits, activists, and leaders of volunteers can learn a lot about how to mobilize [...]

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