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July 27, 2023

Episode #68: Match Volunteers for Joy & Purpose

In this episode, Tobi dives into the art of how to match volunteers and how it can transform the volunteer experience. We know how important it is for organizations to ensure that volunteers are a perfect fit in terms of mission, values, and organizational culture. 

Matching volunteers goes beyond simply filling shifts; it’s about finding where they will flourish, harnessing their skills and interests, and aligning them with the organization’s mission and values. Matching volunteers to the right roles not only brings them joy and fulfillment but also maximizes their impact.

Match Volunteers – Joy and Purpose

Matching volunteers for joy and purpose goes beyond just filling shifts. It’s about maximizing human potential, creating a positive impact, and bringing more joy into your organization. It is also about finding the perfect fit for volunteers based on their unique interests, skills, and attributes.
The goal of matching volunteers for joy and purpose is to create exceptional volunteer experiences that encourage volunteer satisfaction, motivation, and long-term engagement. By understanding volunteers’ interests, personality traits, and what drives their engagement, organizations can create roles that provide progress, purpose, the opportunity to make a difference, and a sense of connection to others. Through effective volunteer matching, organizations can ensure that volunteers shine and feel fulfilled in their roles, leading to increased productivity and a stronger volunteer community.

Match Volunteers –  KSAs

KSA stands for “Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.” It refers to the specific competencies and attributes that volunteers possess that are relevant to their roles. Knowledge refers to the information or understanding that volunteers have in a particular area. Skills are the practical abilities or expertise that volunteers have developed. Abilities are the natural talents or qualities that volunteers possess. Understanding volunteers’ KSAs is important in effectively matching them with appropriate roles and setting clear expectations.

Match Volunteers – Show Highlights

00:22.7 Tobi starts the episode

02:43.8 Properly matching volunteers & how to do that

04:22.9 How to acknowledge the knowledge, skills, and abilities

11:01.1 How to match volunteers with their unique interests

20:17.0 How to go deeper with an interest interview

29:40.8 Episode wrap up

Match Volunteers – Quotes from the Episode

“The goal of interviews or conversations with prospective volunteers is to determine where they will find the most joy in the organization and where their skills can be best utilized.”

“Interviewers can ask for clarification and encourage volunteers to share more about their skills and interests.”

“Maintaining professional boundaries is crucial for those in helping professions.”

“Offering volunteers the opportunity to choose a role where they can utilize their skills brings more joy and purpose to their role.”

“Avoid overwhelming volunteers by requiring too many KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities).”

“Understanding the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) is essential in communicating volunteer expectations for specific roles.”

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