A Nonprofit Research Report You Need to Download Now

If you work with volunteers or lead an organization the engages them, check out our 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Report survey results.  The report with groundbreaking nonprofit research was just released this week.

This “state of the industry” survey includes questions related to volunteer management practices, challenges, and needs. Through it, our research team hoped to paint a more complete picture of today’s volunteer management professionals while taking into account their organizational characteristics, resources, etc.

Last year, 944 volunteer management professionals completed the survey top to bottom.  This year, 1022 volunteer managers from 18 countries participated.

In this, our second year, Trina Willard, MS, of Knowledge Advisory Group in central Virginia and Dr. Pam Kappelides of LaTrobe University’s Centre for Sport and Social Impact in Melbourne, Australia collaborated with Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA on the survey design and data analysis.

Why Did We Conduct a Survey Like This?

Although researchers have conducted similar surveys, none have attempted to understand trends over time through a survey that occurs (and evolves) every year. We all need this information to be better advocates.

  • Volunteer coordinators can benefit from seeing how their peers rate their own priorities, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Volunteer-led organizations need clear benchmarks to help them make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions about their volunteer engagement.
  • Nonprofit consultants, trainers, and capacity builders need to know which are the greatest needs for our field.

What Nonprofit Research Will You Find in the Volunteer Management Progress Report?

The 46-page report paints an intriguing picture of the realities of today’s volunteer coordinators in all settings, causes, and organizational types including nonprofits and government agencies.  Respondents represent all levels of experience from brand new to seasoned professional.  Most work in full-time paid positions, but not all.
In the report, we share the top job titles for leaders of volunteers:

  • Coordinator (43%)
  • Manager (26%)
  • Director (16%)

For volunteer managers in the US, the median salary is $45,325 across the board.  We also break salary down by country, type of organization, job title, certifications achieved, years of experience, program budget, overall satisfaction, the number of volunteers (active in the department, placed within the organization, and placed outside the organization).

In addition, we asked about challenges and professional development needs.  It was no surprise that recruitment was noted as a significant challenge for many.  In terms of training needs, training staff to work with volunteers was mentioned by nearly half (45 percent) of all respondents.

Interested in Learning More?

The report includes much more information in greater detail and is free for everyone.

Visit our Volunteer Management Progress Report web page to get your copy — http://volpro.net/volunteer-management-progress-report/.

Also, if you download the report and join our mailing list, we’ll keep you updated when next year’s survey questionnaire is available for participation.

We hope you find this information helpful in advocating for the field of volunteer management both within and outside your organization.