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June 15, 2023

Episode #62: 10 Ways to Create an Exceptional Volunteer Experience

Not all volunteer experience are equal and the same. To truly make an impact, organizations must focus on creating exceptional volunteer experiences that not only benefit the organization, but also empower and motivate the volunteers.

In today’s episode, Tobi discusses different strategies and ideas for improving the volunteer experience. From creating a culture of learning to valuing volunteers’ lived experiences, the podcast covers a wide range of topics related to successful volunteerism.

Volunteer Experience – From The Volunteers Eyes

NCVO had a study called, Time Well Spent, a national survey of the volunteer experience where they interviewed and surveyed over 10,000 volunteers and asked them questions like, tell us about yourself, tell us about how you get involved, what makes you keep volunteering, what makes you stop volunteering, and more. They came up with a number of key features of pillars of an exceptional volunteer experience.

According to NCVO, meaningful, exceptional volunteer experience is inclusive. It’s welcoming volunteers from all walks of life. It’s flexible. It’s offering volunteers different avenues towards contributing time and talent. It’s impactful. Volunteers really do want to make a difference.

Volunteers want to feel connected and social with one another. Some people are starting to feel like volunteering is too much like paid work. And they found in this study, that some are starting to feel like volunteering feels too much like paid work and that’s not a good thing.

Volunteer Experience – First Tip

The first tip is the importance of offering immediate assistance to volunteers. Similar to the customer service experience of the Ritz Carlton, organizations should provide volunteers with a way to receive immediate help and support at any time. This can be done through text or call services that are available 24/7. 

Listen to the episode to get the full list of 10 tips from Tobi.

Volunteer Experience – Show Highlights

00:23.2 Tobi started to introduce the topic, 10 Ways to Create an Exceptional Volunteer Experience Episode Start

02:26.2 The key to a world class volunteer organization is an exceptional volunteer experience.

08:26.3 Tobi mentions the importance of creating a sense of belonging, connection, and meaning

09:50.0 Become an architect of the volunteer experience

21:00.8 Strengthening the connections are the heart of volunteering

23:24.4 Making the experience enjoyable

Volunteer Experience – Quotes from the Episode

“What makes a world class volunteer organization is an exceptional volunteer experience.”

“The better the volunteer experience, obviously then you become a world class volunteer organization.”

“Happy volunteers want to tell friends. They want to bring friends, they want to be ambassadors for you”

” Connection is about our social connections with one another.”

“Create a culture of learning and incorporate training and programs that help volunteers not only learn, but assess their skills and interests.”

“We need to think about valuing our volunteers lived experiences and encouraging them to bring those experiences to their role.”

“The more we can create flexibility for our volunteers, the better.”

“You’re starting to set people up for fun if you’re describing how fun it is.”

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