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How to Generate Investment In Your Volunteer Program

In his recent Ted Talk, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong,” author and fundraiser Dan Pallotta raises some serious questions about our current mindset in the social sector. He argues that a discriminatory belief system about nonprofits stunts our growth and capacity. This also impact how we think about and resource our volunteer programs.

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Businesses and Nonprofits Alike Struggle to Engage Communities

The other day I was reading the Five Challenges Facing Marketing, a Harvard Business Review blog post by David Aaker who’s an author and brand marketing expert. I’m always curious what the business world is doing, partly because it helps me grow my own small enterprise, but also because I almost always find something I can re-purpose for nonprofits. This time was no different. The other day I was reading the Five Challenges Facing Marketing, a blog post by David Aaker. As I read his prophetic insider’s view on what’s troubling marketers, I had a surprising revelation -- businesses are struggling with some of the very same issues nonprofits grapple with.

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How to Recruit Skilled Volunteers in 10 Simple Steps

Skilled volunteering certainly is a hot topic lately, and there are new resources to prove it. Volunteer Match just announced a new feature on their volunteer website, the Listing Wizard, and the professional networking website LinkedIn just added a “Volunteer Experience & Causes” section. Is your program ready to take advantage of the wealth of skills available in your community?

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