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Leading Volunteers Is Easier When You Adopt These Practical Techniques

As promised in a recent post I’m sharing more thoughts on nonprofit leadership. Today’s post is based on my reading of Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership Into Practice, a Nonprofit Quarterly article. It offers a nice overview of the key ingredients needed to bring about collaborative leadership that in turn results in enhanced nonprofit capacity.

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Why You Need to Embrace Organizational Support for Volunteers

If you’ve been involved in volunteer management for any length of time, you’ve inevitably come across people who just don’t get it. They either view volunteers as widgets who can be automatically plugged in to shore up the organizational need du jour, or they think volunteers are too much hassle to be worth it. If the decision makers in your organization feel this way, you’re not likely to get the support you need.

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How to Design a Volunteer Training Program that Boosts Learning

How to Design a Volunteer Training Program that Boosts Learning When designing a volunteer training program, the biggest challenge is how to create a training process that doesn’t scare volunteers away. Often, the programs I work with have daunting amounts of information volunteers must learn in order to perform with confidence. Programs must be assured [...]

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How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers

How to Engage the New Remote Volunteers In Part I of this post, I discussed the changing nature of the workplace and how technological advances affect how we can work with remote volunteers.  In today’s world, most volunteers are both virtual and mobile -- even those that work on-site -- because many already access information, [...]

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