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Why You Need to Embrace Organizational Support for Volunteers

If you’ve been involved in volunteer management for any length of time, you’ve inevitably come across people who just don’t get it. They either view volunteers as widgets who can be automatically plugged in to shore up the organizational need du jour, or they think volunteers are too much hassle to be worth it. If the decision makers in your organization feel this way, you’re not likely to get the support you need.

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Develop the Nonprofit Leadership Skills You Need to Lead

Investing in nonprofit leadership development seems like a luxury nowadays, but is it? Does it make sense to invest in proactively developing team leadership skills? Or should we continue to let folks learn through endless trial and error, just like those of us who’ve been around for a while did? Do we have the time? What happens when the large percentage of Boomers who make up the majority of our nonprofit executive ranks are ready to retire? Who will take the reins, and are they ready to succeed?

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