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Motivation Leads to High-Impact Volunteers

Note: To celebrate National Volunteer Week, our new online community VolunteerPro partnered with Volunteer Knoxville, our local volunteer center, to present a workshop on Designing Short-term Volunteer Opportunities. Our awesome University of Tennessee intern, Shannon Potash, shares what she learned below. First, THANK YOU! Thank you, volunteer management professionals for believing in your volunteers’ potential [...]

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VolunteerPro Workshop Event Update!

Hello, friends! There has been some confusion surrounding our first big VolunteerPro event. We’re partnering with the new volunteer center in our hometown, VolunteerKnoxville. Through this event, we hope to help  local and national volunteer programs make the best use of short-term volunteers — from service learning to corporate days of service to political campaigns — and set the [...]

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Free Workshop: Designing Short-term Volunteer Opps [Live Streamed]

For National Volunteer Week (April 12-18, 2015), we’re celebrating big time!!!  We’ve got a free volunteer on-boarding webinar planned with Wild Apricot on April 16.   We’re also launching VolunteerPro, our new online learning and networking community for leaders of volunteers! Woo-hoo! For our first big VolunteerPro event, we’re partnering with the new volunteer center in our hometown, [...]

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Top Volunteer Program Needs: What Our Readers Shared

Thanks to everyone who responded to our “No Fluff, Just Helpful Stuff” survey and submitted their most pressing volunteer program challenges. As I read through the comments, I was impressed with the depth of commitment expressed by our generous volunteer program leaders as they bravely shared their pinch points.  True pros one and all! This [...]

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How to Design Volunteer Training that Helps (Not Hurts) Learning

When designing volunteer training, my biggest challenge is how to create a program that doesn’t scare volunteers away. Often, the programs I work with have daunting amounts of information volunteers must learn in order to perform with confidence. Programs must be assured that volunteers know their role so that they can manage risk. Volunteers want [...]

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