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Leading Volunteers Is Easier When You Adopt These Practical Techniques

As promised in a recent post I’m sharing more thoughts on nonprofit leadership. Today’s post is based on my reading of Doing More with More: Putting Shared Leadership Into Practice, a Nonprofit Quarterly article. It offers a nice overview of the key ingredients needed to bring about collaborative leadership that in turn results in enhanced nonprofit capacity.

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8 Time Saving Tips You Need to Try to Beat Overwhelm

If you’re like most volunteer program administrators, you “wear many hats.” The constant need to multi-task is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. But, given the current economic climate and budget shortfalls, it’s not likely that help is on the horizon. To succeed in this environment, we may need to work smarter, not harder.

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A How to Guide on Leading with Gratitude

A How to Guide on Leading with Gratitude Last week, I was the lucky beneficiary of several expressions of gratitude from clients and friends. Their heartfelt thank you notes and intention of leading with gratitude really helped lift my spirits during an otherwise tough week. Their generosity also got me thinking about the power of gratitude. [...]

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Volunteer Retention Tips That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More

Volunteer Retention Tips That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More All volunteers need some sort of training.  In fact, training has a big impact on your organization's volunteer retention rate.  According to “Volunteer Management Practices and Retention of Volunteers,” a study by the Urban Institute, “Charities that say they have adopted to a large [...]

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