Events Food at Volunteer Events

Have you ever been questioned about purchasing food for volunteer events by your fiscal department or the higher ups?  They wonder if you’re wasting the organization’s money on frivolities when “we have real work to do.”  But, you know that tasty snacks help things run more smoothly and keep your volunteers happy.  It’s common knowledge, isn’t it?  Well, now science can back you up!

The Experts Weigh in on Food

In Lunch: Your Secret Weapon, neuro-marketing expert Roger Dooley discusses how food can make your communications more effective.  He notes that research shows:

  • As a favorable stimulus, food can spark more positive attitudes.
  • Eating also involves socializing, which in turn promotes successful negotiations.
  • Treating people to a meal may also inspire reciprocity, and the favor will be returned.

So, next time someone wonders whether or not you should be buying food for your next volunteer meeting or orientation, politely let them know the providing food is a research-based practice.  It helps you build stronger connections within your team, increases volunteer satisfaction, makes your volunteers more amenable to proposed program and policy changes, and promotes leadership.  Go food!