Capacity Building Help Strengthen Volunteer-involving Organizations

Refers to activities that strengthen an organization’s ability to better fulfill its mission. These activities might include — strategic planning, updating its communications strategy, technology upgrades, operational improvements, board development, and improving its community and volunteer engagement.

“Capacity building is an investment in the future sustainability of a nonprofit. It is not just about the capacity of a nonprofit today — it’s about the future. Distinct capacity building projects such as identifying a communications strategy, improving volunteer recruitment, developing a leadership succession plan, identifying more efficient uses of technology, and engaging in collaborations with community partners — all build the capacity of a charitable nonprofit to effectively deliver its mission in the future. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, and enhances the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.” — National Council on Nonprofits

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Tobi Johnson & Associates helps organizations with building capacity through a wise and targeted investment in their volunteer programming. We help organizations identify and replace ineffective volunteer management approaches with research-based practices that have proven success.

Capacity Building Reaps Rewards & Positive Return on Investment

We know that an investment in volunteerism can reap rewards. Read what others are saying:

  • A National Council on Aging study points to the direct result of the investment, concluding that for every $1 invested, organizations realized $8 in return, as a result of the work of older volunteers in leadership roles.
  • In addition, volunteers increase capacity through their financial contributions. A Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund and VolunteerMatch study found that volunteers donate 10 times more than non-volunteers and that two-thirds of volunteers make financial contributions to the organizations where they volunteer.
  • Reimagining Service offers case studies that demonstrate how investments in volunteer capacity building have reaped rewards for a wide range of organizations.
  • The UPS Foundation has recognized and encouraged other philanthropies to make an investment in volunteers both in the US and Canada in A Sound Investment: The Value of Adding Volunteer Resources Management to Your Philanthropic Portfolio