What is the Most Helpful Skill Volunteer Coordinators Need?

Over the past ten years, I’ve had the honor and the privilege of helping build new volunteer coordinator skills and capacity. As a consultant and trainer focused on volunteer administration, one of my key roles is to challenge others to advance their approaches using best practices. But, which should I recommend? The challenge is that [...]

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How to Hire a High Quality Volunteer Management Consultant

Volunteer management consultants can be a smart investment for your nonprofit, provided you find the right person with solid mix of expertise, wisdom, credibility, and people skills. Moreover, because consultants spend part of their time reviewing emerging research and best practices, they can bring fresh insights to the challenges your organization faces. Also, because they [...]

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Time+Talent: a Volunteer Management Podcast!

Over at VolunteerPro, the digital arm of my business, we're teaming up with Jennifer Bennett at VolunteerMatch to launch a new volunteer management podcast.  We want to share inspiring stories and interviews with bright spots in the field of volunteer administration. Stay tuned to hear from  people who are shaking up the field with innovative ideas.  Listen to the [...]

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Four Volunteer Technology Trends to Know – Webinar Replay

This week, I presented some new thoughts on key volunteer technology trends that nonprofits can tap for better engagement with my friends at Wild Apricot. I thought I'd share it with my readers. Check out the free recording [Webinar] Need Volunteers? Four Tech Trends You Need to Know below.  Enjoy! Four Volunteer Technology Trends You Need to Know If you’re struggling [...]

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How to Solve the Challenge of Engaging Younger Volunteers

Although many organizations seek to involve younger volunteers, many struggle with engaging and integrating youth and young adults into their volunteer workforces. In order to become truly intergenerational, nonprofits need to view youth as assets with lived experience that have unique strategic value to their efforts, rather than simply a way to “diversify.” They also [...]

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How to Lead Simple, Breakthrough Volunteer Recruitment in a Complex World

It's a challenge to be heard in our noisy world.  This can be further compounded if your information is hard to sift through or the volunteer application process too complicated. Unfortunately, today's audiences aren't willing or able to spend the time. It appears that more and more people are outsourcing their decision-making to others. Companies like [...]

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The Most Disappointing Volunteer Management Trend of 2018 – Budgets

We just released our 2018 VolunteerPro Volunteer Management Progress Report. We discovered that while there are promising volunteer management trends in the field of volunteer administration, there are also missed opportunities. The most disappointing was the consistent lack of knowledge about (or existence of) agency budgets allocated for volunteer programs and engagement. 1,241 leaders of [...]

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A National Summit on Volunteerism in the Age of Advocacy

Just now, I was looking through an incredible list of speakers and volunteerism topics that will be covered at next week's National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership in Minneapolis.  It's an awe-inspiring lineup! Every workshop leader has donated their time (and travel costs) to develop and present their talks and share their expertise.  It's a wonderful thing to [...]

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